Dating Recap

The past two weeks we've been covering the topic of dating, finding "the one", etc.  Here is a recap:

  • Singleness and preparing for marriage one day is not wasted time.
  • Instead of trying to find "the one", trust God to be making you "the one" for someone else down the road.
  • How our culture does dating (they're cute, let's just see where it goes) is flawed.  It may work for some, but it leaves many heartbroken and confused.
  • Dating isn't all bad, but it is dangerous.  Life is less complicated when you put up boundaries to guard your heart.
  • Don't just "play" hard to get, be hard to get. When you establish value for yourself, you'll attract the right sort of guy or girl.
  • If you do date, you must date a Christian. Don't fall into the trap of "fixing" someone by dating them.  It never works. 
  • Boundaries determine value.  If you truly care about someone, you'll show restraint. Boundaries are not a cage.
  • If you are dating, don't set your boundary right next to a cliff.  Give yourself space. 
  • We set boundaries not because we are super Christians, but because we know our weaknesses.