Prayer Matters

Have you ever felt this way?

"Why even bother to pray? My prayers won't make a difference anyway."

If we're honest, we've all felt that way before. Doubt can be helpful at times. The maturing Christian does not run from doubt. God is with us in our doubts. Do all prayers get answered? Not in the form or manner we might expect, no. But does God answer prayer? Absolutely. I have seen God work so many miracles and have witnessed visions and incredible things. I think when we doubt prayer and God's faithfulness we have taken our eyes off of God and onto the thing itself.

Our prayers don't make a difference because we don't pray, and we don't pray because we think our prayers won't make a difference. What a vicious cycle to get caught in. Think about that the next time you doubt the importance of prayer. We have not because we ask not.

One of the best gifts we as a student ministry could ever give to you is to teach you how to pray. Prayer is a main connection and conversation with God. 

My 5 year old son is really into trains.  I've heard it said that prayer is like laying down the rails for the engine of the Holy Spirit to ride upon. Prayer is not a one way conversation. God has invited all people to participate in the causality of the universe. Prayer, when done within God's will, allows us opportunity to experience transformation in our world and to become a vessel of change that the Spirit can move through. This is exciting stuff!

Prayer was so important to the first disciples that the only time they asked Jesus for something in total abandon it was "teach us to pray".  The disciples had heard Jesus pray for so long, and they knew He had something they didn't have. He had a way of prayer and a power to His prayers that they lacked.

We have not because we ask not. Doors have not been opened because we have not been knocking. Prayer requires persistence. Its requires patience. And it requires a trust in God's perfect character and will. I believe that a hunger for God is a sign of God's presence. As a plant drawn to the Sun is proof of the Sun's existence, so it is when we are drawn to God through prayer.

Its time to ask. Its time to knock. Its time to pray until the Spirit falls down on us like a fire. I'm tired of a start and stop relationship with God. I'm tired of running on my own steam. Our world, our nation, the Church universal: we need God's power today, more than ever before.

Will you join me in praying?  Will you pray that others will pray?